Terms of Service

Terms of Service

We are experience team for SMM. We assure quality work with cheap price. Most of the time clients ask for Guarantee. Here you don't have to ask for that coz if you try once you don't have to go any where else  for your need. at any point you need any assistance you just submit a ticket we will get back to you asap. 

1. buysoundcloudplay.net  administrator has the authority to approve accounts.

2. Administrator has the authority to cancel or reject any order that does not match our ethics.

3. We do not accept pornographic, hateful, gambling websites/social media accounts to be promoted on our site.

4. Orders are final, once the order is in "in progress" status we are unable to cancel that order and you need to contact us using tickets to request cancellation the order in the "pending" status of the order"

5. Each order you make, you will get a unique order ID.

6. If you have a problem with an order, put the Order ID in the ticket to easily track the order.

7. You may not open disputes on paypal - if have any problems with the site or service you may contact admin using tickets,  We will do our best to resolve the problem

8. If we made any refund at any case then there will be no paypal refund or other method refund. refund will be adjusted in the buysoundcloudplay.net account balance only. 

9. There will be no refund On the following case:

**If refund asked buy the client after order is completed.

**If our team completed the order and the track or account or Video gone banned because of Soundcloud/ youtube/ twitter etc Policy change Or update.

**If the client make the track in private mode after starting the order by our team  then there will be no refund and no partial refund.

**If the client take same service from different seller at the same time ( EX: Ordered 1000 likes from buysoundcloudplay.net and at the same time Client ordered 1000 likes from another seller) And after making delivery if the client asked for any claim mentioning that buysoundcloudplay.net didn’t completed the part other seller did Then there will be no refund.

10. There will be Partial Refund On the following case

**If for some reason buysoundcloudplay.net failed to completed the full amount that ordered, then there will be partial refund. Ex: client ordered 1000 likes for $10 and for some reason we delivered only 900 likes then we will refund for remain 100 likes price $1. 

11. By placing order,  you are agreed to above terms and conditions in any case .